Uninstalling the new Google Pixel Launcher on Android

Google Pixel LauncherThere’s been a lot of hype over the released apk for the Google Pixel Launcher and it’s pretty easy to install on a non flashed android device.

However, it’s not very intuitive to uninstall.

Normally, to uninstall an app within Android (depending on your Android version), you would visit Settings>Applications>Applications Manager then the app you wish to uninstall.

With this particular apk installation, you’ll need to go to Settings>Default Applications>Home then select the trashcan on the right side of the screen for the Google Pixel Launcher.

Personally, I didn’t find the launcher to have enough customization options for me. It looked nice, and able to add widgets, but was unable to set up folders, couldn’t figure out how to add additional icons to the desktop and missing some other key customization options that I like. There were only three customization options within the settings:

  1. App suggestions
  2. Show Google app
  3. Allow Home screen rotation

So, uninstall we did, and we’ll wait for any new developments

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  1. John Nevill
    John Nevill says:

    My Pixel 4a does not display a trash can. Only alternative is MS Launcher which looks horrible. My main bugbear is that the launcher pop up asking once or always keeps appearing even if I select `always`.


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