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I received three notifications last evening from Facebook regarding changes that are required for three special Facebook app pages I have created. However, it doesn’t seem the changes required were really addressed within the email or the Facebook information page.

Here is a copy of the email:

Hi Larry,
Your app, **********, needs to be updated for the February 2013 Breaking Changes.
Once your app is compliant, set the migration setting to “Enabled” in the Advanced section of the App Dashboard.
These changes will be permanently enabled for all apps in 1 day on Tuesday, February 5, 2013.
You can view this and other Developer Notifications related your app, Welcome, in the App Dashboard.
The Facebook Team

I just love (I’m being sarcastic) how Facebook gives you only a 24 hours notice to the upcoming changes.

It turns out after reviewing the app and comparing the other apps I had setup, the only difference was that they still had the Page Tab Width set to the old 510px instead of the new 810px. This setting may be found under the Basic page of the app under the “Page Tab” heading.

After selecting the 810px width, I visited the Advanced tab and selected the Enabled radio button from the “February 2013 Breaking Changes” option and selected Save Changes and immediately received a confirmation email stating that the app was now compliant with the Feb 201 Breaking Changes migration.

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