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Been very busy with new work, and realized I had not updated with the latest info on having my Google My Business listing restored. In short, my listing has been restored with still no clear understanding as to what was wrong or how it was in violation of Google’s guidelines.

I started a thread within the Google Advertiser Community in the Google My Business> Basics for Business Owners forum about the removal of my listing, how it occurred, the phone calls, and other Google support methods I had tried.

I received a response from Priya Chandra, a Google My Business Top Contributors. After several attempts of my deleting, reclaiming, and Priya reviewing the information, we still were not able to get anywhere with having it reinstated. I also tried with another gmail account I had created sometime ago for the business, reclaimed and verified.

After almost giving up, Priya brought in a Google My Business Community Manager who suggested I appeal the suspension again through the Google My Business local business reinstatement request. I had tried this several times earlier to no avail.

The next morning, I received notice (see below) that my suspension was lifted and my listing was reinstated. My previous customer reviews were also restored with the exception of the one from that particular Friday when my listing was suspended.

“We have reviewed your request and have determined that your Google+ page is in compliance with our Google My Business Quality Guidelines and Google+ User Content and Conduct policies. The suspension of your page has been lifted and the business(information) will be live on Google Maps within the next few days.

If you are facing a problem with your business information not reflecting the changes on Maps, please accept the recent edits you’ve made by navigating to your Google My Business dashboard.

If you have any further questions please consult the Google My Business Help Center.

Google My Business Support”

I still have no idea why the listing was suspended, or even why it was reinstated, but I’m not arguing and was very thankful for the time and help that Priya and Liz spent to help resolve the issue.

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  1. Sayyad
    Sayyad says:

    My listing was suspended due to quality. Same issue as above case. May I know how long will they take to reinstate. What can I do meantime? I wait or create a new page? A google product gold expert had already escalated it to google. Thank you for commenting.

    Best regards

    • Larry Stoudenmire
      Larry Stoudenmire says:

      I wouldn’t recommend creating another business listing. If you do, then yo urun the risk of your old listing being removed from blacklisting and then you have two listings. Yes, you could remove the new one, but with Google, and the lack of control that you have, I wouldn’t run the risk.

      Overall it took from 2 weeks – 4 weeks. After making contact with a Top Contributor on the Advertiser Community Forum, it probably took 1-2 weeks. Hope this info helps.

  2. Sayyad
    Sayyad says:

    My listing was reinstated successfully but all my reviews are vanished. Other reinstated listings are facing same issue. An escalation due to missing reviews has been done already. What would happen? Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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