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SEO Scammers

I've had several clients ask about so-called "SEO companies" who are cold calling and offering to "improve your search ranking"... "guaranteed".
Google My Business Listing removed and restored

Google MyBusiness listing deleted

Unfortunately, I have no new news, other than my listing has now been deleted after being suspended for two weeks. I've edited my listing to show a new cover photo, edited my business hours, removed photos, and resubmitted it for review.
Modern Tribe The Event Calendar WordPress Plugin

Tips: WordPress Total Cache with The Event Calendar

I recently noticed an issue when hovering over an event on the calendar monthly view, instead of displaying the normal popup window for the details of the event, it would increase the font size of the event title and insert some code.

New Developer Alert from Facebook

I received three notifications last evening from Facebook regarding changes that are required for three special Facebook app pages I have created. However, it doesn't seem the changes required were really addressed within the email or the Facebook information page.